Cassandra, Ejabberd and Kafka at Mate1!

A couple of weeks ago we gave a presentation at Big Data Montreal about our system, specifically the activity feed and data pipeline. The  talk covers how and why Cassandra is used at Mate1 as well as the related technologies. We start by going over the technology stack, then we discuss how Cassandra serves Mate1′s users with news feeds and counters with the help of Kafka, Akka, and Netty. We then go on to discuss current and future plans with our Cassandra usage. You can find the slides here. Enjoy! (=

Big Data MTL Meetup: Activity feeds @ Mate1

Today our CTO Hisham Mardam-Bey spoke to data enthusiasts from the Big Data Montreal group.

The talk covered the architecture that Mate1 employs to run it’s activity feed taking advantage of Cassandra, Kafka, Scala, and Netty. The slides are now available.

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